#55 – Dare I say..Racing to my 40’s??!!

#55 – Dare I say..Racing to my 40’s??!!

34352004654_a4969e49be_oSo here I am, almost a month away from being 39 years old and it has occurred to me over the past few days….Man my 30’s suuuuucked!!!  This is no poor me, but it’s a fact.  For the year I have left of being in my 30’s, I will be preparing for my 40’s.  I am determined to reinvent myself for this new decade….after all, I hear 40’s are the new 25!

I’m losing weight, keeping those close to me even closer, stressing over things that “matter”.  I can’t lose sleep over what something Trump may have said that day.  Speaking of sleep…I will sleep better.  I need to be present and really take a look at myself in the mirror and analyze it.  No more taking a glance, wincing, and stepping away.  This is serious.  My kids are only getting older and a whole new set of “stages” will be occurring.  I need to be at my best….for myself and for my kids.  I want holidays to feel special again.  It’s a shame that at the sweet innocent ages that my kids are now, they have the grinchiest mother out there.  It’s just not the same and I will change that.

I’m making this sound easy aren’t I?!  I am even convincing myself!!  But in all seriousness, all of this won’t happen at the stroke of midnight of me turning 40.  I know it’s going to take work, but I want to enjoy this work.  I want a life I don’t need a vacation from.  “But everyone has issues and no one’s life is perfect”, you say!  This is true and I don’t disagree with you, but it will all be how I handle things going forward.  No more “why does this shit always happen to me” attitude.  It will now be “okay, this is how I’m going to handle this”.  My aim is not to be perfect…my aim is to enjoy my life and all the craziness it entails.

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#50 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 15

#50 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 15


Trust until you have a reason not to.

Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  I would like to break this down because so often we have walls, or there is “hear say”, or we have been burned so many times before.  It’s time to take a look at what the meaning of trust truly means to us and how it can make us hold less grudges and live a happy life if we just look at the world a little differently.

I hold trust way up high.  If I trust you with my story, then you have gained a ticket through my wall (yes, I have seemed to build some over the past few years myself).  So all of these tasks, I am working at along with you!

Reliability – How many times do you need to be let down before you finally decide that “you know what, this person cannot be trusted with this task”.  It doesn’t mean you cannot be friends or have to have a heated argument…it’s the exact opposite really!  Maybe what you are trying to depend on them for, is not something they are an expert in, or does not have as high of an importance as you have it.  Look to someone else who has the skills to put your trust in a reliable person.

Truth – This is a hard one for me.  What I want to say on paper is, “Why would this person lie to you?  Is there an underlying reason they are afraid to talk to you truthfully?”  But I have been burned and know what it feels like to have your trust broken.  So this too is on my list to at least  try to get better at understanding why truth is not being told.  It is also important to not get walked all over because YOU are trying to do the right thing and have a little thread of faith that this person is trustworthy, yet your experiences are telling you otherwise.

Ability – This is a good one.  I will use my children as an example.  They have completely different personalities.  I have learned to work best with them, find their strengths and abilities and focus on that.  One likes to clean and work on projects, the other has a great imagination and loves to create.  Sometimes you have to do this in the real adult world as well.  Maybe there is a task you are asking of someone and they are not doing it correctly and you are starting to lose trust that they will not get the task done timely and correctly.  Step back and maybe it’s just their skill set.  What are their strengths and go from there.

Strength – This is for you.  What I have discussed above – reliability, truth, and ability are all things you need to look inside of people before automatically not trusting them.  So don’t be so quick to judge because your “neighbor said so”.  If you get through these steps, and red flags are popping up everywhere, then maybe you need to decide, “Is this person really trustworthy?”  But also look inside yourself and think about your own strengths and abilities when interacting with other people.  This can make you understand more and be more open and TRUSTING before jumping the gun.

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# 45 – #WeekendCoffeeShare June 5

# 45 – #WeekendCoffeeShare June 5


If we were having coffee…

I would give you one of my large 16oz coffee cups and tell you to get comfortable on my couch.  I feel like this has been a whirlwind week.  I probably say this every week, but really, I mean…it’s June for goodness sake!

One of my favorite things to do (besides drink coffee) is to drink coffee with one of my friends and just being able to relax, shoot the shit, and have no where I have to be…..ahhh sounds delightful doesn’t it??!!

One super exciting thing that happened yesterday is that I got to watch my brother-in-law propose to his girlfriend!  It was a lot of fun knowing a little secret and watching it unfold!  Congrats to this amazing couple…very happy for them and hope for nothing but the best in their future!

Other than that exciting news, this week was a flash.  I did not follow my usual laundry schedule, or any type of schedule for that matter.  That makes me a little crazy…I admit it.  I need my lists and to be able to cross things off to feel accomplished.  I have issues…I know.

So today, the first thing on my agenda, after my coffee of course, is to make a list of everything I would like to accomplish for today to get ready for work tomorrow.  I am already shuttering at the thought of Monday morning….ugh!

Enjoy your day, make your to do lists and be amazing!

This #WeekendCoffeeShare was also brought to you by Part-Time Monster.

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# 26 – #BetterPersonChallenge 4/27

# 26 – #BetterPersonChallenge 4/27


This challenge to become a Better Person is not saying you are an awful person by any means, it’s just something to try to do in your busy, crazy days to make you and possibly someone else just a little happier.

Happiness is the Goal!!

This week’s Challenge – Keep in Touch with your Friends

Happy people know how their friends are doing.  This year I have made a goal that I want to be a better friend.  We are all busy with our own families, work, life….but I’m trying to make an extra effort to check in more often.  I love my friends and I don’t like that I cannot find time to only see them a few times a year.  I have friends that live states away and though I can’t see them as often, I need to call or text and just let them know “I’m thinking of you”.

I keep a small circle of really good friends….I love them and want them to always know that.  They are pretty much my family at this point (they become that way by default with how many years we’ve been friends..lol).  Even if I haven’t known them for half my life, they’re very special people that have been there through tough times and don’t leave!

So tell me…how often do you speak with your friends.  How do you keep in touch…by phone, social media, text…whatever it may be…I would love to hear about it.  Do you have traditions of getting together?  Monthly meet-ups?  Or how you plan to put this challenge into action!

Good Luck!  Have a Happy and Joyful Week!


Add your post to the link below and make sure to hashtag #BetterPersonChallenge in your Facebook or Twitter posts!  Plus, to add an element of fun to this challenge, you can also vote on who has the best thumbnail photo!

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~ K

# 23 – Are you Happy?

# 23 – Are you Happy?


Can you not be happy without feeling sad?

I was thinking about this the other day…okay maybe a lot lately.  Many people are not sad if you ask them how they are, but are they actually “happy”?

I am in somewhat of a rut.  Things are going fine in general, but I can’t help to think “there’s got to be a better way”.  I know I am not alone in this feeling either.  I have had discussions with multiple friends about this topic, yet we never really get to an answer.  It’s usually a heavy sigh and off to work we go.

What do you feel deep down in your soul that would make you the happiest?  Yes, we all need money and benefits….believe me this is my biggest problem.  I love my job…that’s not my complaint.  I just feel like there is something missing…a passion, I guess you could say.

In a perfect world…what the heck would I want to do, accomplish, excel in??  It’s nothing even something that I would hope where I would make millions and quit my job (but if that happened…score!).  Something on the side that fulfills something I feel like I am missing to complete my happiness.

Here’s a whole different topic to make your minds swirl….  Do I feel an emptiness due to the loss of my husband?  There’s a piece of my heart that will forever be broken.  But marriage is something I am definitely not looking for.  This could be a whole different blog topic, but I often wonder lately “what is the point”.

I’m not against dating, but why bother going through the whole act of marriage?  I don’t regret marrying my husband, but would i want to go through it all again with someone new???

As I said, this is a whole different topic, but I’m throwing it out there.  It’s been something I’ve been noticing more and more articles about and feel like I’m leaning more towards this feeling of not needing that piece of paper.

But as for now, from one of my favorite meme’s I’ve been single for a while and I have to say it’s going very well.  Like…It’s working out.  I think I’m the one”.

So I will continue to try to find that “passion” and figure out what I feel like I’m missing.  It will come to me one day as a light bulb moment I’m sure!

~ K

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# 21 -The Positives of Monday

# 21 -The Positives of Monday


Well we got through another Monday…yay us!  But since Monday is coming to an end, lets think of some good things that happened today instead of being a Debbie Downer.

  • I got a decent parking spot at work today.
  • My friend picked up a beautiful terrarium for me over the weekend and I just love looking at it on my desk! Also it was pretty funny when my boss said my desk is like “Welcome to the Jungle”.
  • Got to catch up with a friend over lunch…always a story with a good laugh!
  • I brought in my own Chemex to work, along with DD coffee, creamer, and a pretty mug…..yummy afternoon coffee at last!
  • Sending funny texts to my friend during work..just to make her day a little brighter.
  • Being able to complain about EVERYTHING to another friend and her always being okay with it and offering advice!
  • Completed signing kiddos up for Summer Camp.
  • Planned out my schedule for the summer (for the most part).
  • It was 80 degrees outside today…I enjoyed maybe an hour of it, but it was a great hour!
  • Listened to a great podcast on the way home regarding marriage and how millennials are starting to not believe in marriage.  As in “What’s the point?”  Always love to hear different perspectives.
  • The kids ACTUALLY liked the dinner I made tonight!

Now getting ready for Tuesday….classes begin tomorrow…everyone keep your fingers crossed for me….I CAN DO THIS!

P.S.  I have the best friends….just sayin’

Hope you guys had some good out of your Monday! #mondayfunday (full disclosure….I actually looked up this hashtag to see if anyone has every used it…just doesn’t seem to fit together as well as #mcm!

~ K

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# 20 – #WeekendCoffeeShare April 17.

# 20 – #WeekendCoffeeShare April 17.

Freemont Coffee Art

So I discovered this really cool thing in the blogging community.  It is called a weekend coffee share, which is pretty much a virtual coffee club about casual conversations you would have with a friend you were meeting in a coffee shop.  This fancy little group is hosted by Part Time Monster and we are able to link up with other bloggers as well.

Figured I would give this a try for the weekend blogs…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how I had a successful first week back at work.  I am feeling even better after having gallbladder surgery and everything is falling into place again like the surgery never happened.

I would also tell you that for some reason or another I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and I would like to say it’s because of my lack of doing my normal activities while recovering, but really…IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!  I can’t focus on working on one thing at a time.  I am making lists and trying to stick to them but it’s just hard.  You ever see that moving “Up”?  I feel like Doug….SQUIRREL.

I am also starting school this week (pray for me).  I’m not the school type…obviously…I’ve only been going on and off to college for an unspoken amount of years.  I have set-up a new desk in my bedroom and hope this will be a place I will be able to focus on my homework (and blogging).

I’m also going to pray for more patience this week.  I don’t know what it is and I feel kind of horrible for actually admitting this….but my patience has been so short with my kids this week.  I feel like I’m home with them for an hour after work and I’m ready for everyone to get in bed….anyone feel me on this one??  I should be happy to finally be home with them and spending time….I will be working on leaving work at work, putting the phone down, and being present.  I’ll update you next week on my progress!

And if I didn’t have enough of my own problems, my dog has severe separation anxiety and barks when I’m not home…my neighbors love it, as in they told me about it for the fourth time over the weekend.  I’m a prisoner in my own home on the weekend.  Working on this situation..there’s always a solution to a problem…right?!?

Okay Monday…not sure if I’m totally ready for you, but here goes nothing!  I’ll meet ya for coffee next week!

~ K

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