#49 – #MondayBlog June 13

#49 – #MondayBlog June 13


So I missed my usual #WeekendCoffeeShare…booo…sorry guys!  Not like it’s anything new, but it’s just so hectic right now.  But I’m starting to think….I may be addicted to being busy..even if I occasionally complain about it.

I keep putting more and more on my plate…but I’m enjoying it…can’t explain it.  I’m working full-time, going to school part-time, trying to get a side hustle business going for some extra cash, and raising two boys.   I have decided…I just need to be busy!

Saying that, I am also learning how to effectively manage my time.  I was sitting at work today and felt like I kept starting a few things at the same time.  I had to stop myself and just make a list.  I do it at home, work is the next best place to practice this habit!

My lists help!  Sometimes I can make it through it all and sometimes I don’t.  I at least feel accomplished when I can cross things off.  I can stir myself up in such a tizzy sometimes, that I’m so stressed and I have time for nothing, but all I need to do is prioritize.  I can’t do everything at once.  I also outsource anything and everything I can.  Anything I can get delivered to me so I don’t have to walk into an actual store with my rugrats in tow….I’m there!  Sign me up!

That’s my PSA for the day 🙂

Father’s Day will soon be upon us and wondering how my kids are taking it so far.  I haven’t heard much from the big guy and I’m always torn on how much I should pry out of him without introducing new feelings when he’s been strolling along just fine.

My little guy has renamed it “Grandfather’s Day”, which I’m fine with as long as he’s happy.  He actually corrected me when I called it “Father’s Day”.  I will ensure they remember their father as well that day, but make sure they are enjoying their Grandfathers and Uncles as much as possible at the same time.

Well I hope your Monday has gone well….it’s almost over!

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# 29 – Monday Motivation…or Not…

# 29 – Monday Motivation…or Not…


It’s Monday…Yay!  Said no one ever!  We are all groggy, cranky, sleepy….hell we could be the seven dwarfs.  But we gotta chug along and make the day count, no matter how hard it is getting out of our nice comfy beds. (Sounds good right!)

Ready…chant “We can do this”!  I’m stretching it aren’t I?!  Anyway..here’s some motivation for your Monday morning!

2 hours later…I’m not kidding!

Okay you know what’s harder than finding Monday motivation…doing it on a Sunday night.  Yeah…I’m going to switch gears.  Sorry folks!  Motivation meter is way down low.

I’ve got a sick kid with strep throat that I’m hoping doesn’t spread to the rest of us.  I went into the doctor’s office Sunday morning and it was packed like a bunch of sardines and warm…like no air flow.  I sat there, dying on the inside, the germ-o-phobe within me was itching to come out and run my ass out of there.  As the well child is asking me “can I play with your phone?  can I play with your phone? can i play with your phone”  Really?!  You would like to play with my phone while you lay across the seats that all the sick people are sitting in and probably picking your nose.  Yes…sure..I’m okay with that! Bleh! So needless to say my list of things “to do” for Sunday, got kinda screwed up.  By the time I got home, patience level was way down and I felt like I needed a nap…hahaha how funny of a thought is that though!?!

Well I will be home with the sick child today, so maybe I can finish what I didn’t get to yesterday.  The other thing I need to get my ass in gear about is homework.  ALL weekend I stared at my screen.  Why is it I can just sit here and write nonsense, yet when given a question from my teacher, I look at the computer screen like I forgot how to read!  Irritates the heck out of me!  See this is where my chants come into play…I have to motivate myself  to actually work on something really important.  “I can do this!”  How much coffee can one drink before it’s considered bad…like in one day??

Okay I’m sure you have had enough of reading this as I am of writing it.  I do truly hope you have a decent Monday!

~ K

oh P.S. I usually don’t write on Tuesday’s, but I wanted to remind you all that it’s National Lumpy Rug Day tomorrow.  Go sit on your lumpy rug with a glass of wine and embrace it! #NationalLumpyRugDay  Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up!

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# 15 – Finding Balance

# 15 – Finding Balance


I have been feeling like I am on a treadmill lately.  As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, I do not stop until I go to bed.  I know many of you are in the same situation, all different circumstances.  When do we get a break?  I don’t want to rush my kids growing up, I need to have a job, food needs to be prepared, the dog has to go out, and on and on.  Ask anyone, they will say the same thing, “There are not enough hours in the day”.   And why is it that when you are home (like this week for example, I was recovering from having my gallbladder removed) the days have being FLYING by!  WTF is that all about!!!  Any who..

So what do we do?

These are my Goals for when I start back to work next week.  I want my days to be productive, organized, and planned (all to the best of my ability).  Could I be crazy for thinking this way…maybe.

  1. Make Lists

I find that if I write everything down that needs to get done, I can at least prioritize and check things off the list.  This includes EVERYTHING!  What I need to get done AND what I have to remember my kids need to have done for the week.  I use a planner and my phone’s calendar.  Overboard? Perhaps, but for some reason this works for me.

  1. Meal Plan

I’m so bad at this.  I say every week I will plan what we will eat each day and it never happens.  I have to sit down ask myself these questions:

  • What does our week look like afterschool?
  • What meals are we going to eat?
  • Is there anything I can make on the weekend/night before to make meal prep go faster?

Since being home, I have been able to make some pretty decent dinners, if I must say so.  So I actually sat down this morning and planned out dinner for next week and ordered groceries as needed (I get my groceries delivered…another time saver!)

  1. Organized Home

I was on a roll with organizing every nook and cranny of my house until I had my surgery.  Since then I have not been able to fully bend down to pick things up and clean and my children are not the best at cleaning up.  For some reason no one ever knows how the mess got there in the first place.  Now that I’m beginning to feel better, my hope is to get back on track.  It just makes me feel better to have a place for everything.  I have become obsessed with organization anything and everything for new tips and tricks.

These will be my goals starting tomorrow.  I will continue to build on this list, but also have to be practical at the same time.  So if you are like me and always chasing the clock, let me know your tips and tricks as well…would love to hear them!

~ K

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# 13 – Serious Case of Foggy Brain

# 13 – Serious Case of Foggy Brain


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I have been sitting around all day trying to work on my school work…as in answer at least one question from the assignment….and here we are into the evening and I have hardly made a dent in any work.

My brain has a serious block against school.  I have to finish…this time for real!!  Degree in hand..finish!

I feel like I need to kick start my brain like starting a lawn mower.  Ugh…

Let’s hope for better brain function tomorrow!

Have a great night, peeps!

P.S. Can’t wait for the kids to go back to school….who’s with me?!?


# 7 When Your Life is Ruled by Legos

# 7 When Your Life is Ruled by Legos


Picture by: Chris

I’m out numbered by boys in my home.  So yeah…my house was a mess.

The Legos are slowly finding every nook and cranny in every room of the house and it’s making me slightly insane!

I am not organized or neat by nature (ask my mother).  But as I have grown older, being organized makes me….happy!  I don’t know what it is, but when everything has a home and I can find something on a whim….it totally thrills me!  I guess this is what happens when you are in your late 30’s.

So starting the beginning of this year, I went into full organizational mode.  I believe I probably have the Legos to thank for it.  My boys got about 9 million lego presents and I had no idea where to store them.  I’m slightly OCD and my “dream” would be that I could keep all the packages all together, keep the manuals with the right blocks, have assigned drawers for certain legos…..how many of you are laughing at this point??

Well the Lego debacle lasted about a month, but it started something within me that I NEEDED organization in my life.  I was sick of walking in the door of my house and it looking like we had been robbed, but of course that was never the case.

I had three closets redone in my home, bought bins upon bins in all shapes and sizes.  I even organized my fridge with bins….yup became that person!  But behind all of my nonsense with consulting with friends on which bins should I choose for the pantry, the closet, etc, etc, (*sorry*), I think it has really helped me with life in general.

The first year or so living in my new home, it was always a disaster and that’s exactly what my life had felt like at the time.  As time has gone on, I had to accept things are and will be different.  I have my bad days, weeks, months…..but we all do, but we chug along.  You can’t control everything in life…it’s like legos…you’re either stepping on them, finding them in crazy places, or seeing them perfectly put away (just how you’re OCD self likes them).  It’s crazy, but life is pretty much the same way!

~ K


#2 Becoming a Widow at 32

#2 Becoming a Widow at 32

I never realized how fast your life could change…until the day that did change my entire life…happened.

Forever engraved in my head, sitting at my in-laws house waiting….waiting….waiting. Listening to the sounds of my mother-in-law giving my children a bath upstairs.  All I could think was…this kind of thing does NOT happen to us.  Everything will be fine.

Then it happened…no one likes to see the police office walking up to your front door.

All I remember saying is,

“But he is going to be alright, right?!” 

The Police Officer saying “What do you mean?” 

“You will take him to the hospital and he will be alright, right?!”

My husband died from suicide.  I had two boys that were 15 months old and 4 years old at the time….what the hell was I going to do?!?  Why did this happen?  Why didn’t I go after him?  A million other questions fogged my brain the entire night.  I remember waking up the next morning at my in-laws house and watching my 15-month old son play in the living room at the crack of dawn.  What was I going to tell my kids?  How will I be able to walk back into my home?

In all honesty, I don’t really remember what exactly happened the next few days.  What I do know is that after the wake and funeral….I had to be a mother and keep going.  I had to take charge of what was going to happen with everything that had lose ends and everything in the future.  Thinking back on it now, I think “How in the world did I handle all of that”, but I was in auto-drive.  I couldn’t curl up in a ball and lay in my bed all day, even though that is ALL I wanted to do.  My boys depended on me, I can’t let them down.

I am devastated……but I got this (I hope)!