# 52 – Better Person Challenge July 13

# 52 – Better Person Challenge July 13


First – yay I’m back!!!

Sorry for the little break and I haven’t disappeared or stopped blogging.  With the kids school ending, camp starting, my own school work….my brain has been a little fried to sit down and put some words together that somewhat make sense.

So here I go….

My “Better Person Challenge” of the week is to not let fear get in my way.

I have to say I have grown the past few years and punched fear in the face a few times since my husband passed away, but it is always something I am working at.

I started a new class in school yesterday and just by reading the syllabus, my brain started smoking and my initial reaction was to run.  “I cannot get through this class, it looks way too hard!”  I literally had to talk to talk myself down and say “Listen, it’s going to be hard, but you have to finish school!  You have dealt with harder things in life….stop whining and get through these five f*ing weeks!”

I am also working on a project that could potentially be a little side hustle and first thought “Can I actually do this?  Do I have the personality?  The motivation?  The skills?”  I have had some pushback from people saying “How can you possibly add more things to your plate?”  I have a picture hanging above my desk with the saying, “She’s a dreamer, A doer, A thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere”.  Enough said!

And these two examples are just this past week and month…fear can be everywhere…it’s how you face it that makes a difference.

So don’t back down, try something different and face an issue head on that you would normally back down from because you were scared you would fail!  You got this!

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#50 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 15

#50 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 15


Trust until you have a reason not to.

Trust is defined as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.  I would like to break this down because so often we have walls, or there is “hear say”, or we have been burned so many times before.  It’s time to take a look at what the meaning of trust truly means to us and how it can make us hold less grudges and live a happy life if we just look at the world a little differently.

I hold trust way up high.  If I trust you with my story, then you have gained a ticket through my wall (yes, I have seemed to build some over the past few years myself).  So all of these tasks, I am working at along with you!

Reliability – How many times do you need to be let down before you finally decide that “you know what, this person cannot be trusted with this task”.  It doesn’t mean you cannot be friends or have to have a heated argument…it’s the exact opposite really!  Maybe what you are trying to depend on them for, is not something they are an expert in, or does not have as high of an importance as you have it.  Look to someone else who has the skills to put your trust in a reliable person.

Truth – This is a hard one for me.  What I want to say on paper is, “Why would this person lie to you?  Is there an underlying reason they are afraid to talk to you truthfully?”  But I have been burned and know what it feels like to have your trust broken.  So this too is on my list to at least  try to get better at understanding why truth is not being told.  It is also important to not get walked all over because YOU are trying to do the right thing and have a little thread of faith that this person is trustworthy, yet your experiences are telling you otherwise.

Ability – This is a good one.  I will use my children as an example.  They have completely different personalities.  I have learned to work best with them, find their strengths and abilities and focus on that.  One likes to clean and work on projects, the other has a great imagination and loves to create.  Sometimes you have to do this in the real adult world as well.  Maybe there is a task you are asking of someone and they are not doing it correctly and you are starting to lose trust that they will not get the task done timely and correctly.  Step back and maybe it’s just their skill set.  What are their strengths and go from there.

Strength – This is for you.  What I have discussed above – reliability, truth, and ability are all things you need to look inside of people before automatically not trusting them.  So don’t be so quick to judge because your “neighbor said so”.  If you get through these steps, and red flags are popping up everywhere, then maybe you need to decide, “Is this person really trustworthy?”  But also look inside yourself and think about your own strengths and abilities when interacting with other people.  This can make you understand more and be more open and TRUSTING before jumping the gun.

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#47 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 8

#47 – #BetterPersonChallenge June 8


5 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

I don’t know about you guys, but if I do something I really enjoy, It puts me in a good mood and which then reflects in my attitude towards others.  Doesn’t it make you feel good when you are walking and pass a complete stranger and they say hello just as friendly as if they knew you.  I want to be a “better me” so I can be better to others.

So…I sat thinking…what makes me happy or what do I really enjoy.  These may seem like little things, but for me it can definitely make or break my day.

  1. Drink coffee out of my favorite mug.

There’s just something about a cute mug that makes me happy!  I have way too many, but can never seem to pass one up at a store.  But making that fresh cup of coffee in the oh so cute mug can even make it taste better!

  1. Wear comfortable underware.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but seriously.  Sitting at my desk all day with a wedgie or a wire poking me in the side…makes me kinda grumpy.  Comfort is the name of my game!

  1. Take a break from your electronics.

I know, I know….it is seriously a habit at this point to constantly check my phone.  But you all have to admit…it’s kind of nice to be unconnected even just for a little while.

  1. Netflix and….Burrito (might be my new phrase…check it out)

Go to bed early to snuggle and watch your series addictions.  This is fun for me because I NEVER have control of the remote in my house.  Nickelodeon 24/7…help!

  1. Make your desk feel….home-y.

If you are going to be sitting at work more than you are at home, why not make it fun and inviting.  I have pictures, plants, cute pens and notebooks….okay maybe I am channeling my inner teenage self, but I don’t care….makes me happy!  Even my desk at home…it’s my favorite place to sit.  Which this is totally what I need to get school work done, etc.


So take a moment to think about the little things that will improve your mood.  You never know what another person is going through and being happy and friendly could possibly rub off on someone else today and make a difference.


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# 43 – #BetterPersonChallenge – Be Kind to Yourself

# 43 – #BetterPersonChallenge – Be Kind to Yourself


Be Kind to Yourself

When is the last time you penciled in on your To-Do list, time for something that gives you pleasure?  A hot bath, reading, mani/pedi….I know what you are thinking already….I don’t have time for this, I have 10 million other things I have to get done first.

I said the same thing…so this is my challenge for this week.

For me, it’s difficult to find those 5 or 10 minutes to sneak away because I have my boys 24/7.  I also value my sleep (when I can sleep), so staying up after they go to bed is not always an option.

It might even just be the 40-minute drive to work that I listen to my favorite music or catch up on my podcasts.

I know at times I may seem down on myself…hey we all have our days.  But I’ve been reading a lot or listening to podcasts on how to better yourself and it always comes back to how you are treating yourself.

My goal is to pencil something into my day that makes me happy.  I am hoping this will lift my spirits and allow me to take on the day more on a positive note rather than a negative one.

The first thing I have done is sign up for Shine Text (which I heard about reading another blog Well and Good – this was also a good read!) Every morning they will send you daily tips for self-fulfillment.  I am on Day One, so I will let you know how I like it by the end of the week.  But as I see it, it’s always nice to get a motivational text first thing in the morning to start your day right.

What have you penciled into your day?


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# 39 – #BetterPersonChallenge May 25

# 39 – #BetterPersonChallenge May 25


Before you go to Sleep, Think of the Best Thing that Day for 5 Minutes. 

Instead of worrying about all the things that went wrong today or everything you need to do tomorrow, clear your mind and think about what was the best thing that happened today.

  • We got out of the house with no meltdowns.
  • I got a good parking spot at work
  • My child made me a beautiful picture at school today
  • I got a hug for no reason from my child
  • I lost a pound
  • I had a good laugh with a friend today
  • Nobody spilled anything at dinner
  • I had a really great conversation with my son/daughter/wife/husband
  • I had enough points for a free coffee

These are just a few example of things that could be major or they can be as minor as you want.  Did it make you happy, did you smile…..think positive before going to bed.  Try to wipe the stress away by thinking of all the good things that may have happened today.

See if it makes a difference in how you wake up the next morning.


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# 36 – #BetterPersonChallenge May 18

# 36 – #BetterPersonChallenge May 18


This Wednesday’s #BetterPersonChallenge is to Do Something for the First Time!

When I say this, I mean move out of your comfort zone.

After my husband passed away, I had to start doing things alone.  For example, go to a wedding, fly on an airplane, etc.  It made me realize how much I relied on other people to help me do things.  Even if I think back to high school, I was always with a friend…god forbid you do anything by yourself at that time.

When I took that first drive to the airport and flew by myself, I felt a great sense of pride!  “I can do this!”  Even though it took me until my 30’s until I realized that doing things by myself is okay, in fact, it’s good for you.

I was recently talking with a friend about vacations and she looked at me like I was crazy because I never took a vacation by myself.  She has gone all over the world, many times, all alone and she LOVED it.  It wasn’t because she didn’t have anyone to go with, she likes to do things on her own.

When I took my most recent trip for work, as I was getting off the plane I was thinking, a vacation by myself is sounding more and more like a good idea.  It would totally be out of my comfort zone, but in the end, I think it would be so nice to decompress.  When I am alone, at first I can’t sit still even though I am drop dead tired.  It takes me a day or so to get into “slow-mo” mode….and that sounds so nice right now!

So you definitely don’t need to do something like traveling to do something for the first time that will move you out of your comfort zone.  It could even be as easy as going to the movies by yourself (I have yet to do that either).

Or now that I think about it….i hope it’s not just me living a sheltered life!!

This will be our challenge together!  Please share what are some things you enjoy doing on your own or that you have done that has taken you out of your comfort zone.


~ K

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# 33 – #BetterPersonChallenge & A Giveaway!

# 33 – #BetterPersonChallenge & A Giveaway!


This weeks Challenge to be a #BetterPerson is to Be Forgiving – Let Things Go.

I have decided it takes a whole lot more energy being mad/annoyed/aggravated (you get it) about something then it does to forgive and let things go.

If something bothers me, I usually talk to a friend and get it all out and then it’s like I can breathe and it’s over…for the most part!  Here are some things to remember about what it means to forgive.

  • Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re excusing the other  person’s actions.
  • Forgiving doesn’t mean you should forget.
  • Forgiving is finding a way to live in a state of resolution.
  • Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, not the other person.
  • You cannot change the past, so don’t live in it.
  • Smile and let it go.  It takes some practice, but it helps!

Hopefully this will be of some help to anyone that is dealing with a difficult situation.  Even though I know every situation is different, sometimes thinking this way can help for your own well-being.

Now onto the Surprise!!!

I decided since I am so close to 200 followers, it was time for a giveaway!  You may enter this giveaway at a Rafflecopter giveaway (click the link).  You could win a $25 gift card to Amazon!!!

All you need to do is 1) Like my Blog Page 2) Like my Facebook Page and 3) Tweet.  You will then be entered into the raffle to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The raffle will begin May 11 – May 18 2016!  This contest is currently only offered to the USA and Canada.  I will not forget my International friends….you will be coming up soon!

Thank you all for your awesome feedback and support since I started this blog!  I wish you good luck!

~ K

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