Coffee Lover, Mom of two wonderful boys (9 & 5), Podcast Enthusiast, Widow at Age 32, Full-Time Employee, Part-Time Student, Comedy Rules!  And really….I’m a Mom…anything extra is golden!  I usually write whatever comes to mind…could be widowhood, becoming a better person, or just be blabbing away.  I hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog and the content you cover. I am sorry to hear about your husband. I have people in my family who met the same end and I can’t fully make peace with the experience. I’d love if you talk about that and how did you cope and anything you’d like to express.

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    1. First, I’m so sorry to hear you have had to go through the same experience! I can absolutely comment and write on those topics. I’m glad you are requesting it actually….any help that I can provide! Stay tuned!

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