# 43 – #BetterPersonChallenge – Be Kind to Yourself

# 43 – #BetterPersonChallenge – Be Kind to Yourself


Be Kind to Yourself

When is the last time you penciled in on your To-Do list, time for something that gives you pleasure?  A hot bath, reading, mani/pedi….I know what you are thinking already….I don’t have time for this, I have 10 million other things I have to get done first.

I said the same thing…so this is my challenge for this week.

For me, it’s difficult to find those 5 or 10 minutes to sneak away because I have my boys 24/7.  I also value my sleep (when I can sleep), so staying up after they go to bed is not always an option.

It might even just be the 40-minute drive to work that I listen to my favorite music or catch up on my podcasts.

I know at times I may seem down on myself…hey we all have our days.  But I’ve been reading a lot or listening to podcasts on how to better yourself and it always comes back to how you are treating yourself.

My goal is to pencil something into my day that makes me happy.  I am hoping this will lift my spirits and allow me to take on the day more on a positive note rather than a negative one.

The first thing I have done is sign up for Shine Text (which I heard about reading another blog Well and Good – this was also a good read!) Every morning they will send you daily tips for self-fulfillment.  I am on Day One, so I will let you know how I like it by the end of the week.  But as I see it, it’s always nice to get a motivational text first thing in the morning to start your day right.

What have you penciled into your day?


Picture by: William Brawley Lic: CC



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