# 42 – #MondayBlog – Memories…like Movies in Your Mind

# 42 – #MondayBlog – Memories…like Movies in Your Mind



Happy Memorial Day (even though the day is just about over)!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I for one, am exhausted!

So there’s been something I’ve been thinking about lately and maybe you can relate.  Have you ever played a moment over in your head over and over again as if you were watching a movie?  Sometimes it happened a long time ago, yet when it plays in your head, you’re practically there.

Since my husband has passed away, I think there are a lot of things I blocked from my memory, perhaps to reappear when I’m ready for it…the mind works in mysterious ways.  But there are some bits and pieces that I can just close my eyes and see clear as day.  I suppose this is common with people who have lost a loved one.  But it’s just weird to me that I feel like I can’t remember everything…like someone has gone into my brain and wiped certain things away because maybe I’m just not ready to remember…I don’t know (something I should possibly read up on!)

I wish I had a full memory bank of my whole 15 years with Dan…it felt so long but yet now feels so incredibly short.  There’s so much I pray I don’t forget…like the very first time I saw him.  It was in high school and I was coming out of a stairwell and I look into the crowded hallway and in the sea of people, all I see is his head above the rest (he was pretty tall).  As I got closer, I saw that he was holding hands with someone so I quickly brushed it off, but god’s honest truth, I felt something, like a connection of some sort.  I had no idea what is was and didn’t think about it long because I didn’t even know his name at the time.  But something like this, I can close my eyes and see him walking down the crowded hallway perfectly.

As Father’s Day approaches, it seems to be getting a little harder.  My heart hurts in a totally different way for my children.  We will get through it and make it special though.

Keep.  Chugging.  Along.  Put on a smile and walk out that door…make it a good week!

Picture by: Pia Kristine Lic: CC



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