# 41 – #WeekendCoffeeShare May 29

# 41 – #WeekendCoffeeShare May 29


If we were having coffee…

I would say “Come on in…I’m on my 2nd cup!”.  After my business trip last week, I have felt like I’ve been playing tag with getting back to reality, with reality always being at the tip of my fingers, but never really catching it.

Once I get into a good routine, if I slip out of it, it’s so hard to get back to that place.  I was determined that going on this trip would not do that to me, but it somewhat has.  Like does it matter that my son doesn’t have any pajamas in his drawer…throw on some comfy shorts for goodness sake!  The laundry will eventually get done or it’s probably sitting in the dryer for the past 2 days…go look in there!

On a good note though, I have successfully completed my first class since going back to school!!  Woot Woot!  I have a little break before starting the next class…this is another routine I need to keep on top of.  I’ve been stopping and starting school for the past few years and I really just need to finish.  But you know…life gets kind of hectic!

Speaking of hectic…ugh…THIS weekend…is all I have to say!  On that note, laundry is calling my name (actually the whole house is pretty much whispering my name that it needs some help)…where are those good little fairies that come and clean your house while you’re sleeping??!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is also brought to you by Part-Time Monster.

Picture by: abstrkt.ch Lic: CC


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