# 35 – Just Another Manic Monday

# 35 – Just Another Manic Monday


So I wasn’t really sure I was going to end up writing a post this evening considering I have a rather busy Tuesday (and rest of the week really) and I really need tonight to prepare for it.  But here I am, sitting at my desk, chugging away…at writing, not drinking…but that’s not a bad idea either.

Instead of sitting here complaining how much of a stressful day today was….I will think of the positive.  I am sick of the negative the past few days/weeks.


Tonight marks the end of Week 4 of my class and only one more week to go!  I also finished my presentation and submitted it…good riddance to that!

Teachers have been contacting me regarding the fact that Father’s Day is coming up and they want to be extra sensitive to my guys feelings during these class celebrations.  I appreciate these teachers…I really honestly do.  I am also very thankful to my guys grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, and friends who are always willing to step up and take on the father role when one is needed.  I always consider myself both the mom and the dad, but the boys definitely need some boy time once in a while.

My big guy is on the mend from being sick the entire weekend, which makes me feel so much more at ease!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope if your Monday started out rather manic, I hope it evened out by the evening!


Also, don’t forget my giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card…time is running out.  See my blog # 33 – #BetterPersonChallenge & A Giveaway! for more details!

~ K

Picture by: Nick Saltmarsh Lic: CC

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