# 34 – #WeekendCoffeeShare May 15

# 34 – #WeekendCoffeeShare May 15


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If we were having coffee, I would tell you…what a weekend!!  I “tried” to have a nice little family vacation, just the 3 of us, over the weekend.  So as soon as the kids got off the bus on Friday, we jumped in the car and took off.  Well, the weather wasn’t great and was raining, which meant traffic everywhere.  What should have taken us 2 hours took almost 3.

Once we got to our destination, we got out of the car and my older guy seemed to have some car sickness and started puking right there in the parking lot.  Thankfully I am no longer phased by this and when he was done I said “Are you good now?” with which he really “Yup”.

In the earlier part of this weekend, I was very sick with a horrible cough, which still seems to be hanging on for dear life.  My big guy has started with the cough as well on Friday.  Since we had such a long car ride and a pukefest, I decided we would grab a little dinner and just do some walking around the resort.  Finally we decided to call it a night, but my big guy started to not feel so well again and was coughing his brains out and said his stomach hurt.

Not getting much sleep from the coughing, I woke up and he was burning up…he now had a fever (was also sleeping next to a garbage can..just in case).  Thank goodness I brought the Motrin and the fever went away.

A couple more hours of sleep and the next thing I know; I am being awoken by the hotel’s fire alarm!  Well my big guy starts freaking out and runs out of the hotel room while I’m still trying to get out of bed and get my pants on.  All of the guests are standing in the hallway just kinda of staring at each other like wtf is going on?!?

I decide, well I’m not going to just stand here if something is really going down and start walking down the hall.  I run into some people walking the opposite way and ask if they knew what was going on.  It was something with the cleaning people and steam set off the alarm.  Back to our room we go!

So to make this long story short (or shorter), the big guy was miserable both days we were there and we didn’t get to do as much as we had planned.  I do have to give them credit though, they both behaved and no major meltdowns or anything.

On our way home, we stopped at an Urgent Care before even getting home to get him checked out.  He is now set up with meds and hopefully feeling better tomorrow.

Hey….I tried, right?!  I hope you had a better weekend!

#WeekendCoffeeShare by Part Time Monster

~ K

Picture by: Erin Kelly Lic: CC

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