# 27 – Favorite YouTube Videos this Week

# 27 – Favorite YouTube Videos this Week

16192700034_8ef7c9d362_z#FridayFunDay is finally upon us.  I decided to make it light and share with you some of my favorite YouTube videos.  Some are oldies but goodies (so sorry if you have seen these before).  Warning – there is some bad language so be careful if kiddos are around!

#1 Matt Bellassai – Types of Co-Workers That are the Absolute Worst

This is an older video, as Matt has now moved on to different #TBH videos, but this is one of my fav.

#2 Joe Santagato – Mad Libs Madness Pt 5

First, I love all of Joe Santagato video’s, but I especially love the ones with his brothers.  I love how they interact and hope my boys have the same rapport.  Also, it’s just another reminder that boys never stop talking about farts, butts, and bodily functions as they get older.

# 3 Adam Ray: Skype Video Lessons

Just because I love Adam Ray…just sayin’

#4 Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From) @_TriciaMiranda Choreography – Filmed by @TimMilgram

Because I have probably watched this 20 times…all the dancers are awesome, but those kids are so fun to watch!

#5 Jimmy Fallon #WorstDates

Have a link to your favorite video….would love to see it!

If you’ve made it to the end…cheers!

Picture by: Travis Wise Lic: CC

~ K

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