# 26 – #BetterPersonChallenge 4/27

# 26 – #BetterPersonChallenge 4/27


This challenge to become a Better Person is not saying you are an awful person by any means, it’s just something to try to do in your busy, crazy days to make you and possibly someone else just a little happier.

Happiness is the Goal!!

This week’s Challenge – Keep in Touch with your Friends

Happy people know how their friends are doing.  This year I have made a goal that I want to be a better friend.  We are all busy with our own families, work, life….but I’m trying to make an extra effort to check in more often.  I love my friends and I don’t like that I cannot find time to only see them a few times a year.  I have friends that live states away and though I can’t see them as often, I need to call or text and just let them know “I’m thinking of you”.

I keep a small circle of really good friends….I love them and want them to always know that.  They are pretty much my family at this point (they become that way by default with how many years we’ve been friends..lol).  Even if I haven’t known them for half my life, they’re very special people that have been there through tough times and don’t leave!

So tell me…how often do you speak with your friends.  How do you keep in touch…by phone, social media, text…whatever it may be…I would love to hear about it.  Do you have traditions of getting together?  Monthly meet-ups?  Or how you plan to put this challenge into action!

Good Luck!  Have a Happy and Joyful Week!


Add your post to the link below and make sure to hashtag #BetterPersonChallenge in your Facebook or Twitter posts!  Plus, to add an element of fun to this challenge, you can also vote on who has the best thumbnail photo!

Picture by: tiffany terry Lic: CC

~ K

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