# 25 – I Can Take a Joke

# 25 – I Can Take a Joke


So we thankfully we got through another Monday!  High fives all around!  However, it means Tuesday is right around the corner.  I hate Tuesdays…just do, I feel like they are a day in the week that should be bypassed.  Even though I hate rushing my days/weeks…I still hate Tuesday.

So what’s up with my title?  I got dressed this morning and picked out a new shirt I bought online and thought to myself…I kinda look like a bathroom rug.  I was wondering how many comments I would get at work joking about it or maybe just thinking it in their head.

shirt rug

So at lunch today, at a lull in our conversation, I asked “Do I remind you of a rug?”.  Laughter exploded and I said “I knew you all were thinking it!!”  “Well now that you mention it…” is the reply I received.  All I can do is laugh…it is funny!  The funnier thing is that when I picked up the kids at school today, the first thing the counselor said to me was “I really like your shirt”.  Was she being nice?  Did she really like it?  My crazy mind!

Hey, anything to get through a Monday right!?  I can take a joke!

That is exactly what I am thankful for this Monday…I can laugh at myself and not take life too seriously all the time.  (and yes, I am still playing with Snapchat).  Or maybe this is a reaction from having trauma in life…you become a little nuts…either way, I make myself laugh!


Hope you got to smile today and have a good laugh!

~ K

Picture by: Matteo Staltari Lic: CC

6 thoughts on “# 25 – I Can Take a Joke

  1. well…… I wouldnt have thought it until you mentioned it but since that you did….. cant get the word rug out of my mind….. Dressing style Early Modern Bathroom with a hint of classic drape
    couldnt resist lol

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