# 23 – Are you Happy?

# 23 – Are you Happy?


Can you not be happy without feeling sad?

I was thinking about this the other day…okay maybe a lot lately.  Many people are not sad if you ask them how they are, but are they actually “happy”?

I am in somewhat of a rut.  Things are going fine in general, but I can’t help to think “there’s got to be a better way”.  I know I am not alone in this feeling either.  I have had discussions with multiple friends about this topic, yet we never really get to an answer.  It’s usually a heavy sigh and off to work we go.

What do you feel deep down in your soul that would make you the happiest?  Yes, we all need money and benefits….believe me this is my biggest problem.  I love my job…that’s not my complaint.  I just feel like there is something missing…a passion, I guess you could say.

In a perfect world…what the heck would I want to do, accomplish, excel in??  It’s nothing even something that I would hope where I would make millions and quit my job (but if that happened…score!).  Something on the side that fulfills something I feel like I am missing to complete my happiness.

Here’s a whole different topic to make your minds swirl….  Do I feel an emptiness due to the loss of my husband?  There’s a piece of my heart that will forever be broken.  But marriage is something I am definitely not looking for.  This could be a whole different blog topic, but I often wonder lately “what is the point”.

I’m not against dating, but why bother going through the whole act of marriage?  I don’t regret marrying my husband, but would i want to go through it all again with someone new???

As I said, this is a whole different topic, but I’m throwing it out there.  It’s been something I’ve been noticing more and more articles about and feel like I’m leaning more towards this feeling of not needing that piece of paper.

But as for now, from one of my favorite meme’s I’ve been single for a while and I have to say it’s going very well.  Like…It’s working out.  I think I’m the one”.

So I will continue to try to find that “passion” and figure out what I feel like I’m missing.  It will come to me one day as a light bulb moment I’m sure!

~ K

Picture by: August Brill Lic: CC

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