# 22 – Fighting the Fog & Wednesday Challenge!

# 22 – Fighting the Fog & Wednesday Challenge!

16670943253_0e9f496f79_zEver try to get through the day and you walk room to room trying to figure out what you were trying to do?

I’ve been having those days lately.  Not really sure I can pinpoint it, but it’s like there is a heavy fog that just sits in the air all morning.  I’m trying to walk through the fog to see where I am going…but it’s always just blurry.

“They” say our bodies change every 7-10 years.  A little bit of googling determines this may not be completely true….but let’s say it is, just for fun.  I can definitely say I am a different person than I was 7 years ago.  Not only by the standards of what “they” say in that your cells change, but probably in every way.

Seven years ago, I was 30.  I was having a hard time leaving my 20’s, I was married for 5 years, about to have my second son…looking back I feel like it was a lot for a 30 year old.  Little did I know, my entire life would take a dramatic turn almost 2 years later.  I was always an independent person…couldn’t wait to grow up (what was the rush?? I could never tell you), get married, have children….and you know “have the perfect life”.

“The perfect life” did not happen, marriage is not like how it is in the movies, and definitely didn’t imagine being a widow at 32 with two kids.  Well you know what…my life was written this way for a reason.  I haven’t figured it out yet, not even a little, but one day I may have an answer.

So let’s get out of the fog together…

I decided to make a Challenge for myself for becoming a better person and I will announce it every Wednesday what steps I am taking.  Not saying we are horrible people, but maybe if we are ever down on ourselves or I usually say there is always room for improvement, perhaps these “challenges” will assist our well-being, moods, and happiness.

Please join along and share your experiences as well.  P.S.  You may want to check out my Instagram as well….just sayin’!

Wednesday Challenge # 1:  Give myself a Compliment every morning.

Start off the day with positivity instead of saying how the circles under my eyes are getting darker and darker. Pick anything….”My eyebrows are on fleek!”  I know…I totally used a 20’s something word as a 30’s something person….but I love to do that…the looks I get are great!  My friends get it! LOL

Go ahead and try it…I dare you!  How have you complimented yourself today?

Let’s get out of the fog!

~ K

Picture by: Erik Lic: CC

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