# 21 -The Positives of Monday

# 21 -The Positives of Monday


Well we got through another Monday…yay us!  But since Monday is coming to an end, lets think of some good things that happened today instead of being a Debbie Downer.

  • I got a decent parking spot at work today.
  • My friend picked up a beautiful terrarium for me over the weekend and I just love looking at it on my desk! Also it was pretty funny when my boss said my desk is like “Welcome to the Jungle”.
  • Got to catch up with a friend over lunch…always a story with a good laugh!
  • I brought in my own Chemex to work, along with DD coffee, creamer, and a pretty mug…..yummy afternoon coffee at last!
  • Sending funny texts to my friend during work..just to make her day a little brighter.
  • Being able to complain about EVERYTHING to another friend and her always being okay with it and offering advice!
  • Completed signing kiddos up for Summer Camp.
  • Planned out my schedule for the summer (for the most part).
  • It was 80 degrees outside today…I enjoyed maybe an hour of it, but it was a great hour!
  • Listened to a great podcast on the way home regarding marriage and how millennials are starting to not believe in marriage.  As in “What’s the point?”  Always love to hear different perspectives.
  • The kids ACTUALLY liked the dinner I made tonight!

Now getting ready for Tuesday….classes begin tomorrow…everyone keep your fingers crossed for me….I CAN DO THIS!

P.S.  I have the best friends….just sayin’

Hope you guys had some good out of your Monday! #mondayfunday (full disclosure….I actually looked up this hashtag to see if anyone has every used it…just doesn’t seem to fit together as well as #mcm!

~ K

Picture by: John Fischer Lic: CC

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