# 19 – I Have a Confession…

# 19 – I Have a Confession…


Today started out pretty good.  My kids slept over my friend’s house, so I had the bed to myself and had slept great!  But once I got out of bed and got my coffee ready, I looked around and immediately became overwhelmed by what I wanted to accomplish before my kids came back home.

I was walking from one room to another, starting different things but not finishing anything.  I was getting more and more frustrated with myself.  I had to actually stop and talk out loud.  “Kristen, follow your own damn advice.  Make a list of what you want done and do one thing at a time”.

Even that was hard…

I would start with number one…Meal Plan for the week so I can finish my grocery list.  I wrote each day of the week with a dash next to it and then…..just stared at it.  Maybe I should empty the dishwasher and boom just like that, I was already away from my list.  I’ve had to reel myself in quite a few times but finally made the list.  Did everything get crossed off…definitely not, but it’s waiting there for me in the kitchen tomorrow morning.

The kids wanted to play, go for a walk, etc.  I felt like a bad mom…I just didn’t want to today.  “I have things I need to get done!”  I feel I NEED to have the house in order before Monday.  I can’t start the work week with a disorderly house because then I feel like my whole life is disorderly.  I try, very hard, to not beat myself up.  I am only one person.  But it just eases my mind, my nerves, everything….when things are in their place and crumbs aren’t on the floor.

So my confession….things are easier said than done.  I offer advice to myself and all of you in past blogs and yes, it is not easy for me and maybe not you either.  Even though I want everything done NOW…it just can’t happen that way…baby steps.

But this is one of the reasons I created this blog.  I need to figure myself out, and possible help someone else at the same time.  Everyone has their own type of issues going on in life…we can get through them, but it’s baby steps.

Remember, please share this blog if you like it or think it could help someone else!  Also, feel free to comment, offer feedback, or just to say hi!


~ K

Picture by: Bernard Goldbach Lic: CC

One thought on “# 19 – I Have a Confession…

  1. Don’t forget to forgive yourself when plans go awry – you’re only human. I find that if I really need to be focused on something, the absolute best time for me to do it is after kiddo goes to bed. I’m pretty sure most parents can relate to that idea! I know that my strength is definitely not mulit-tasking, and honestly work takes what little ability I have as a priority. So I make space in my day where I can focus only on the thing that I need to get done (meal plan, blog entry, etc). Having a system is great, but it has to be one that is workable for your life.

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