# 18 – Podcasts, Updates, Advice..Oh My!

# 18 – Podcasts, Updates, Advice..Oh My!


So I will totally admit, I am very late to the Podcast era.  But now that I have found it, I LOVE it!  There are so many topics it’s sometimes hard to choose and then I end up with a huge list of Unplayed Episodes that i’m just dying to dive into.

I really like all genres.  Finance, Organization (no surprise there), I really love story telling podcasts, Single Moms, Comedy, Modern Love, TED talks…you can pretty much name it and I have one in my queue.

I have about a 45 minute commute to work and I have really enjoyed listening to them on the way.  It takes my mind off of everything I need to get done (for a little while at least).  Then sometimes I listen at work, makes the day go faster.

I don’t get a chance to read a lot…which I absolutely love to do and I don’t watch much TV (thanks to my children).  I can have a really good discussion regarding iCarly or Sam and Cat if you would like to engage!  So Podcasts are my new “thing”.

A little update on one of my past blogs, # 15 – Finding Balance . This is my first week back to work (Gosh I make it seem like I’ve been out forever…get over it Kristen), but I have planned meals for the entire  week and successfully made each and every one (yay me).  I have started making lists….I need to get a little more involved in this…I have noticed recently the amount of paperwork coming home with the kids from school and I need to stay on top of that.  And now that I feel almost 100%…back to organizing this house and perhaps some Spring Cleaning (if Spring ever decides to show up).

I feel accomplished!  One of the reasons I started blogging is because I needed to either talk things out with how I’m feeling or just try to get control of my life and not always feel like a mess.

Setting goals, what is working, what is not working, feedback from all my great followers….it’s all been an amazing ride!

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Please.. if you have any topics that you need advice on that I can offer some sort of non-professional words of wisdom..it would be my pleasure!  Please leave a Comment below!

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ K

Picture by: Tal Atlas Lic: CC

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