# 14 – Problems…We all Have Them

# 14 – Problems…We all Have Them

15347212616_98af610d11_cPicture by: Tobias Wrzal Lic: CC

Problems….It’s probably the one thing we all have in common.  There are so many cases where everything looks bright and shiny on the outside, yet there is something brewing on the inside of everyone.

I feel like I always catch myself saying, “Everyone has something”.  I’ve had my own share of problems and even now I am envious of certain people that look like they have it all together…wishing my life was more like theirs…amazing wardrobe….make-up always done nicely…kids are so polite….beautiful house.  I try to tell myself, don’t be jealous…it’s an ugly trait. Plus, who really knows what goes on behind closed doors…you may not want their life either.

I participate every year since Dan has passed away in a walk through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  I have to tell you….each year the crowd gets bigger and bigger.  It makes me so sad just to look at these other people and I am wishing they did not go through what I have been through.  Everyone has shirts made up of their lost loved ones…some with pictures, sayings, team names, dates….and suicide does not discriminate.  You see all ages…unfortunately.

We all wish we could go back in time and do a million things differently….but you know what….we can’t.   We have to accept what is and move forward.  I hope by volunteering in these walks, donating money to research, attending support groups…that somehow these numbers of people will decrease each year.

All we can do is try, right?!?

If you would like more information on the Jersey Shore Walk or any AFSP walks that are held around the country, you can visit their website www.afsp.org or my personal donor page can be found at Walking for Dan.

~ K

One thought on “# 14 – Problems…We all Have Them

  1. Yes, everyone has something. All the pretty things is sometimes a facade. You are not alone. I find the best way to cope is to face those tribulations head on, but with a smile on your face and look good doing it. That takes so much strength and makes you a more beautiful person outside of the vanity.

    It’s so great to stand for cause. It drives to build awareness and try to prevent the pain you personally endure. Stand strong, you’re doing fantastic!

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