# 7 When Your Life is Ruled by Legos

# 7 When Your Life is Ruled by Legos


Picture by: Chris

I’m out numbered by boys in my home.  So yeah…my house was a mess.

The Legos are slowly finding every nook and cranny in every room of the house and it’s making me slightly insane!

I am not organized or neat by nature (ask my mother).  But as I have grown older, being organized makes me….happy!  I don’t know what it is, but when everything has a home and I can find something on a whim….it totally thrills me!  I guess this is what happens when you are in your late 30’s.

So starting the beginning of this year, I went into full organizational mode.  I believe I probably have the Legos to thank for it.  My boys got about 9 million lego presents and I had no idea where to store them.  I’m slightly OCD and my “dream” would be that I could keep all the packages all together, keep the manuals with the right blocks, have assigned drawers for certain legos…..how many of you are laughing at this point??

Well the Lego debacle lasted about a month, but it started something within me that I NEEDED organization in my life.  I was sick of walking in the door of my house and it looking like we had been robbed, but of course that was never the case.

I had three closets redone in my home, bought bins upon bins in all shapes and sizes.  I even organized my fridge with bins….yup became that person!  But behind all of my nonsense with consulting with friends on which bins should I choose for the pantry, the closet, etc, etc, (*sorry*), I think it has really helped me with life in general.

The first year or so living in my new home, it was always a disaster and that’s exactly what my life had felt like at the time.  As time has gone on, I had to accept things are and will be different.  I have my bad days, weeks, months…..but we all do, but we chug along.  You can’t control everything in life…it’s like legos…you’re either stepping on them, finding them in crazy places, or seeing them perfectly put away (just how you’re OCD self likes them).  It’s crazy, but life is pretty much the same way!

~ K


3 thoughts on “# 7 When Your Life is Ruled by Legos

  1. I got a binder and clear page protectors to put all the LEGO booklets in for kiddo. It has proven easier than keeping them in a box since I can store them on his bookshelf (eliminating a box). Once I got really brave and separated the LEGOs by size into big Ziplock bags but honestly…we all know that never lasts. 😉


  2. I totally understand about the Legos! I have 2 boys as well, ages 10 & 14. Only the youngest in into legos, but his love for them is enough for 5 children! For quite a while, he had these strewed from here to there, but now, I have organized them by color in large plastic storage bins, all with lids. The booklets are in one large storage bin, and he pulls them out when needed. This is working well, so far, but we are presently looking for a large bookcase to store all the bins and to have the top 2-3 shelves for display. 🙂

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