#5 Even on my Weakest Days, I get a Little Bit Stronger

#5 Even on my Weakest Days, I get a Little Bit Stronger

DSC_0179Confession: I hide in the bathroom when the kids are settling into bed and I put on Pandora, start taking my make-up off, and just close my eyes and take a breath.

A song came on tonight, (that happens to be the same artist as the one that sang my wedding song), and I kept hearing this phrase “Even on my weakest days, I get a little bit stronger”.  This cannot be more true!  On my worst days, when I finally get out of that funk, I know things will be okay.

I have become strong and trust me, I am not bragging about it.  It happened out of necessity.  I was always a follower, I admit it.  I’m not going to say I’m a leader now, but I am growing in that direction.  It’s the little things like attending a wedding by myself, taking myself to the airport for a business trip, setting up appointments with contractors, buying a car….these are things that I’ve either had Dan with me or have him take the lead on.  I started dating Dan when I was 16….that’s practically half of my life….always with him by my side.

I’ve always been on the independent side….I always wanted a job, starting with babysitting at the age of 12…can you imagine!?  I typed up a paper offering my babysitting services and put them in my neighborhood mailboxes.  Then as soon as I turned 16, I was right at the mall filling out applications.  I liked having my own money….my own independence.  I guess in a way, this was all a part of building  my future.  I’ve been independent, living on my own for 4 years, and hey….we are all still alive!!!  I must be doing something right.

I leave you with Myles’ quote of the day, “Mom, how can you laugh and scream at the same time?”  I responded with “It’s a secret talent I have”.  As I later thought about what a person would look like laughing and yelling at the same time….. Psycho came immediately to mind!!  I lose my sh*t, but hey, we can all laugh about it later, right?! There’s only so many times I can tell a kid to put his shoes on in the morning to catch the bus!   I’m open to new suggestions on techniques besides hiding in the bathroom…LOL!

#tbt One of my favs of D meeting Myles for the first time 🙂 Enjoy!

~ K

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